Engineering Services

Engineering Services

Aero-Structural Design & Analysis

The general Aeronautics Engineering team utilizes advanced up-to-date analysis software to provide detailed and accurate analysis of aircraft aerodynamics and structural systems. GA’s state-of-the art engineering capabilities utilize these analysis results to design advanced aircraft to international industry standards. Our engineering analysis and design expertise covers :

  • CFD & Aerodynamics
  • Structures & Stress
  • Aeroelasticity
  • Multidisciplinary Design Analysis and Optimization
Tools & Processes

General Aeronautics recognizes the industry’s crucial need for tools and processes for complex analysis that can allow engineers to focus on their design tasks. GA addresses this pacing need by developing packaged user-friendly tools that are consistent in their accuracy and address the customer’s specialized and unique needs. GA works with the customer to design bespoke packaged solutions for critical areas including High-lift design, Aeroelastic analysis, Propulsion-Airframe integration, Control surface design, and Integrated Model-based System Engineering.

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