ENGINEER (Integration)

Bachelor’s Degree or Diploma in Electrical, Electronics, Electronics & Communication, or related disciplines Experience: Hands-on experience in system-integration and hardware-testing is strongly desired

Primary Function: • To integrate Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and to prepare them for flight Expected Knowledge and Skills: • Knowledge of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles • Knowledge of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design • Knowledge of RF Systems • Fabrication and Testing of electronic components • Integration of total system (preferably, UAV) • Troubleshooting skills • Project management skills Key Responsibilities: • Perform UAV integration activities • Test and accept/qualify electronic components and sub-assemblies • Coordinate work with external vendors • Manage delivery of UAVs to clients • Create/manage/update process definitions and documentation • Establish/update/execute integration processes Desired Characteristics: • Comfortable working in a team environment • Complete assigned tasks in a timely and effective manner • Good communication and presentation skills • Ability to handle multiple tasks/projects • Ability to acquire new knowledge and skills • Professional ethics and integrity


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