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Spray Tech Of GA Drones

Application Of Drone Spray Technology in Agrarian Landscapes Introduction The explosion of the human population makes high productivity, and sustainable agriculture more important. The agricultural modernization is mandatory when demand and food supply are increased. Therefore, today’s agriculture has become innovative and involved in technological advancements like Drone Tech for crop spraying which earlier has […]

Liberalisation Of Drone Rules in India

Over the last few years, Drone technology has lured tech market. Drones are a technology platform that has found its credence in multiple industries ranging from photography to agriculture. India, too is all set for capitalising on this boom after amending formerly designed drone rules in August 2021. Civil Aviation Minister, Jyotiraditya Scindia said the […]

Drones and Sustainability

Every day, the food we eat connects us to an assembled multitude of farmers and Agri industry players. Most of us do not pause to think that this food system is the centre of challenges for humanity. Ongoing Challenges of our Food System Agriculture has huge potential for high and sustained growth in the allied […]