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“General Aeronautics was established to address aircraft design in all its aspects from a comprehensive system-level perspective. The General Aeronautics team is comprised of highly experienced members with many decades of expertise in industry and R&D organizations internationally. We understand industry customers’ needs and are dedicated to provide integrated design & development solutions built on advanced engineering methods for aircraft analysis and design. Innovation and customer satisfaction are our guiding principles.”

Our Vision

  • To be among global leaders in design and development of efficient, reliable and cost-effective unmanned aerial systems and solutions harnessing next generation technologies to address Security, Industrial and Societal needs.
  • To support and provide niche design services in the domain of configurations/systems design of manned and unmanned aircraft.
  • Our Leadership Team

Mr. Abhishek Burman

Founder Director & CEO

Dr. Ramaseshan Satagopan

Director & COO

Dr. Anutosh Moitra

Founder Director

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